Regenerative medicine is beginning to move from the research stage to the practical phase.
Hitachi Global Life Solutions has developed a new concept, next-generation module CPF to respond to the industrialization of regenerative medicine and global expansion.
A variety of options such as GCTP compliance will improve the QoL of society.

Features of "Next-generation modular Cell Processing Facility (CPF)"

■Since it is a modular independent structure, it can be installed and expanded easily and the assembly time can be shortened.

By making the development modular, the design, validation documentation, and assembly time can be greatly reduced. It can be installed even if there are restrictions on the CPF installation space, such as in an existing building. In addition, since it has an independent structure, it can be used for multi-product production and large-scale production by installing it in large space.

■Energy saving is achieved by controlling the room pressure with FFU.

By adopting the rotation speed control method of the FFU motor instead of the conventional air volume control using a damper and adjusting the air volume linearly, the room pressure in the preparation room can be maintained. In addition, it is possible to control the air flow at low speed, which reduces power consumption.

International patent pending <PCT / JP2019 / 047441> (As of February 2020)

■Supports GCTP, regular validation, and regular maintenance.

It meets the requirements for GCTP such as environmental monitoring equipment (optional).

■Provide total engineering support for facilities and equipment related to production.

The regenerative medicine cabinet of Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. was adopted as the biosafety cabinet for the Grade A area, which is the most important cell processing. Such as sample management system and manufacturing management system are also available as an option. It is also possible to provide total engineering, including automation equipment and facility equipment, in cooperation with collaborating companies.

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