We have been providing solutions for regenerative medicine facilities with a high degree of cleanliness, and we are utilizing the cleaning technology and room pressure control technology into this "Negative Pressure Clean Booth".
We hope that this "Negative Pressure Clean Booth" will be widely used throughout society to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections. Therefore, we are considering using the intellectual property of this technology free of charge from the perspective of social contribution.

Features of "Negative Pressure Clean Booth"

■Easy to install in an existing building

The negative pressure clean booth is required to be easy to install as an isolated device for medical use in hospitals and event venues that could be used as an temporary medical facility. The parts are modularized for easy assembly, the assembly time is about 4 hours, and reassembly after disassembly is also possible.

■Intake Highly Clean air into the Booth

In addition to making the inside of the booth negative pressure, it also intake air through the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter from the ceiling as a consideration for medical personnel.

■Preventing exposure of air in the Booth

While maintaining the pressure inside the booth at -5Pa to -15Pa (* 1), output it to the outside of the Booth. Regarding the output of air in the Booth, double HEPA filter is installed and strictly filtered.

(* 1)
It may vary depending on the installation environment.

■Available in various countries

As it adapts to the power supply of various countries, it is available all over the world.

Negative pressure clean booth Introduction of collaborating companies

This "Negative Pressure Clean Booth" was jointly developed with RORZE Life Science Co., Ltd. and SHANGHAI RORZE REMED BIOTECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. We will also promote sales in collaboration with both companies.

Domestic sales: RORZE Life Science Co., Ltd.


Negative pressure clean booth Introduction of related products

This "Negative Pressure Clean Booth" has related products made by Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.

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